Rainbow Montessori Preschool Pretoria


Rainbow Montessori Pre-School offers various environments such as:

Rainbow Montessori - sensorial activities

Practical Life

Three main categories:

  • Manipulative skills
  • Self-development
  • Care of environment


Development of the 5 senses:

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Hearing
  • Taste
  • Smell


Earliest language activities prepare the child for writing and reading, enriching his-her existing speaking skills. The child is provided with the bridge between the spoken and the written word. The key activity that introduces writing is presented to the child.

The manipulative skills of handwriting are gradually developed through tactile tracing of the alphabet as well as the use of shapes.

Rainbow Montessori - sensorial activities


Organized into five groups:

  1. Introduction to units of quantity
  2. Introduction to the decimal system
  3. Experience with the decimal system
  4. Material with demonstration of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  5. Transition to abstract concepts

Cultural activities

  • Geography: land and water, globes, maps, places
  • Nature Studies: animals, plants, matter and energy, air, water, magnetism, gravity, sounds, optics
  • History: past and present, time line

After care

Pick up and drop off service

Holiday programs


For inscriptions please contact us and come to visit the school!

Extra mural activities


This music program is a world known music therapy course from America and taught by trained music therapists.

Visit www.kindermusik.co.za for more information.


Private pottery classes are possible on demand.

Dance Mouse

The curriculum gives young children the opportunity to be introduced to approximately six different dance forms per year.

The syllabus teaches children the following techniques: Hip Hop, Breakdance, Latin American Basics, Freestyle, Rock and Roll, Gymnastic Basics , Silk Fabric training, Body Conditioning, Pilates techniques, Ballet and Modern basics.

The aim envelops the technical training of a child's body in order to safely strengthen, stretch and mobilize the body through exercise and dance. The rewards to the child being co-ordination and dance balanced skills. Once strength is accomplished, any form of dance or any other physically challenging activity is easy to attain.

Visit www.dancemouse.co.za for more information.


Age group: children 3 to 6 years and toddlers 2 to 3 years

Visit www.kindergym.co.za for more information.


Rainbow Montessori - extra mural activities

Age group: children 3 to 6 years and toddlers 2 to 3 years

At playball, we coach a wide range of activities which will improve your child's movement and sporting ability. It increases your child's self image - ensuring that they have confidence.



It provides an early training platform for children aged 3-8 years old where they will learn various skills, not only in soccer, but other sport that involves playing with a ball.

Visit www.soccercise.co.za for more information.


Swimming lessons are possible on demand.

We have two campuses:

218 Main Street

New Muckleneuk (PTA), South Africa

Tel: (012) 346 5887


Armelle de Rougemont

Michele-Ange Ahiba

279 Julius Jeppe Street

Waterkloof (PTA)

South Africa

Tel: (012) 346 5525


Armelle de Rougemont

Entisar Abdalla

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Opening hours

07h00 to 13h30 (Aftercare available from 14h00)

Year 2016

School starts again on Wednesday 13 January 2016

Teachers are coming on Tuesday 12 January 2016

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School Terms 2016

Wed 13.01.16 - Fri 18.03.16

Tues 05.04.16 - Fri 24.06.16

Mon 18.07.16 - Fri 30.09.16

Mon 10.10.16 - Wed 07.12.16

Holiday programmes

During school holidays, the school offers a Holiday Programme (now free of charge). The time schedule will be from 07h30 to 13h30. An after care facility is offered during the Holiday Programme (*this after care facility is subject to change depending on the number of children enrolled for the holiday programme).


Autumn: from Mon 21.03.16 - Mon 04.04.16 incl. School starts Tue 05.04.2016.

Winter: from Mon 27.06.16 - Fri 15.07.16 incl. School starts Mon 18.07.2016.

Spring: from Mon 03.10.16 - Fri 07.10.16 incl. School starts Mon

Summer: from Thur 07.12.16

Public Holidays

Mon 21 March Human Right's

Fri 25 March Good Friday

Mon 28 March Family Day

Wed 27 April Freedom Day

Sun 01 May Worker's Day

Mon 02 May Public Holiday

Thurs 16 June Youth Day

Thurs 9 August Women's Day

Sat 24 Sept. Heritage Day

Mon 25 Sept. Public Holiday

Year 2017

Date will be given at a later stage

"My child's speech has advanced a lot and his social skills also improved dramatically while attending Rainbow Montessori Pre-School."

Mrs MS Guerin