Rainbow Montessori Preschool Pretoria

About Rainbow Montessori Pre-school

Rainbow is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2016!

Evelyn de Rougemont qualified from London Montessori Center and founded the Rainbow Montessori Pre-School in 1996.

Evelyn's daughter, Armelle de Rougemont a psychologist trained in South Africa Bachelor and Honours Degrees) and in Switzerland (Master's degrees) who has worked in a psycho-pedagogical environment, is now running the schools.

As a Pre-School we are catering for children from 16/18 months to 6 year olds (the main admission criteria is that the child be able to walk and have a minimum of independence so as to not be carried by a teacher or cared for exclusively by one teacher, thereby limiting her attention to the other children).

We are a children's house situated in Main Street - New Muckleneuk, and Julius Jeppe Street - Waterkloof, Pretoria (South Africa).

This environment provides a warm and friendly atmosphere in the security of a beautiful old house. Our play areas are located in a private garden.

Rainbow Montessori - Teachers and children

How you can prepare your child

As parents preparing your child for the transition from home life to the pre-school can be quite an event.

Feeling secure and confident comes from you. Encourage children, invite them to tackle and deal with "real things", this is what children really want. Being driven to seek out experiences will enable them to become more independent and self-sufficient.

Let them help you wash and dry the dishes, sweep the floor, peel potatoes, make pastry, dust the furniture, dress themselves, comb their hair and so on.

Never mind if they break a cup or put their shoes on the wrong feet. It is the process that is the important part. Children are not and never will be "little adults", they live in a world apart from us and we are privileged to be allowed a glimpse.

The broken cup acts in Montessori terms as the "control of error" and it is this that is built into much of the Montessori equipment, so that the children see for themselves if something needs correcting. This avoids the loss of motivation and self-esteem which occurs when a child is told "that's wrong!".

We have two campuses:

218 Main Street

New Muckleneuk (PTA), South Africa

Tel: (012) 346 5887


Armelle de Rougemont

Michele-Ange Ahiba

279 Julius Jeppe Street

Waterkloof (PTA)

South Africa

Tel: (012) 346 5525


Armelle de Rougemont

Entisar Abdalla

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Opening hours

07h00 to 13h30 (Aftercare available from 14h00)

Year 2016

School starts again on Wednesday 13 January 2016

Teachers are coming on Tuesday 12 January 2016

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School Terms 2016

Wed 13.01.16 - Fri 18.03.16

Tues 05.04.16 - Fri 24.06.16

Mon 18.07.16 - Fri 30.09.16

Mon 10.10.16 - Wed 07.12.16

Holiday programmes

During school holidays, the school offers a Holiday Programme (now free of charge). The time schedule will be from 07h30 to 13h30. An after care facility is offered during the Holiday Programme (*this after care facility is subject to change depending on the number of children enrolled for the holiday programme).


Autumn: from Mon 21.03.16 - Mon 04.04.16 incl. School starts Tue 05.04.2016.

Winter: from Mon 27.06.16 - Fri 15.07.16 incl. School starts Mon 18.07.2016.

Spring: from Mon 03.10.16 - Fri 07.10.16 incl. School starts Mon

Summer: from Thur 07.12.16

Public Holidays

Mon 21 March Human Right's

Fri 25 March Good Friday

Mon 28 March Family Day

Wed 27 April Freedom Day

Sun 01 May Worker's Day

Mon 02 May Public Holiday

Thurs 16 June Youth Day

Thurs 9 August Women's Day

Sat 24 Sept. Heritage Day

Mon 25 Sept. Public Holiday

Year 2017

Date will be given at a later stage

"My child's speech has advanced a lot and his social skills also improved dramatically while attending Rainbow Montessori Pre-School."

Mrs MS Guerin